lunes, 5 de enero de 2015

Seth Godin the king

I think I’m a little in love with Seth Godin. I read his name on a blog I like and decided to look up one of his books. I picked up Small is the New Big, and it’s a great books. AS such I’ve started to read his blog and its great too.
One of his entries is about creating a great blog. I would say that this also applies to creating a great art blog as well as great art and music, if you work in a group or band.

Number 9:
One voice, one vision.

Every group I’ve ever worked on has proven this to be true. There is always one person in a group to take hold and make it theirs. However when there isn’t someone on the panel or in the group who doesn’t stand up and take control the mission becomes muddy and unclear.

So, I think this applies to a blog even when managed by a single person. I know that in the past that I’ve lost my vision and my focus. So the thought is that if you take a look at your blog and think that perhaps there is too much direction. Its always easy to reign yourself in.